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Hi welcome in this About us page, This website is just for dealing to donate a car with poor and hungry peoples, so we have not any organization to get any car for donation. If you want to donate your car today then we can give some tips for you.

Activated Ministries is a nonprofit Christian ministry running with committed missionaries and human provider companies to fulfill the non secular and material needs of people from all walks of existence, irrespective of age, gender, race, religion or nationality. Our intention is to make a distinction in a international wherein these days’s busy schedules often crowd out the matters that depend the most—love for God, love for family and love for others.

all and sundry faces struggles in their existence, but few are more hard than the dark moments of emotional, psychological or religious vacancy which are confronted when religion runs at low ebb. because the pronouncing goes, “Lose the whole thing however your religion in God & you’ll lose nothing. Lose your faith in God & you lose everything.” Even little trials and exams of life can loom huge as the Himalayas, pleasure is robbed through bandits of discouragement, and pervading vacancy & loneliness grow to be unwelcome partners. inside the footsteps of discouragement follow worry and despair. And all and sundry’s lifestyles is touched at a while in a few manner with those difficulties, though definitely there are individuals who war extra than others.

Our challenge at Activated Ministries is to improve the first-rate of lifestyles of these in want. And so our efforts range past presenting meals & apparel to the ones whose stomachs growl and whose garments are skinny and full of holes, to presenting religious meals & apparel to the ones whose souls growl and whose hearts develop skinny and full of holes. Jesus gave us some crucial keys to real happiness when he defined that, “man doesn’t live by meals alone, however via every phrase that comes out of the mouth of God.” words are religious food that can nourish the heart, “clothing” that may warm the soul – in truth, religious phrases of existence are as essential as physical food for our total health. We’ve discovered that people with spiritual hunger & “hearts grown thin & complete of holes” are in even greater variety than those physically suffering.

the ones financially properly off can be spiritually impoverished as nicely – sometimes even extra than those materially much less fortunate. There are humans needing help to triumph over bitterness, resentment, loss of those pricey to them, mental or emotional abuse, fears of the future, tension approximately the world around them, lives affected by the horrors of war & lives stifled by means of materialism and plenty. some are confronted with bodily afflictions and incurable diseases, or the ache of bearing with a loved one engaged in this kind of struggle. Others battle with painful hurts they’ve inflicted on others, or themselves, or combat the demons of alcoholism or substance abuse. creating a distinction inside the international to exchange matters for the higher, one lifestyles at a time, is the goal that the Activated Ministries team works day in & time out to accomplish. Please take a minute to read only a few of the stories right here of the good things which could manifest while you attain out with phrases of existence, with food for the frame in addition to the soul. when you have a minute, please browse our internet site to peer more, or supply us a name on our toll-free line to talk about with one in every of our volunteers methods that you can do greater to help others. thank you for your help & aid of our efforts. together we’re changing the sector!

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